背包客集散地 Backpacker Camp,San Cristobal de Las Casas,Mexico

           San Cristobal de las casas, 目前是墨西哥南部Chipas州的文化首都,也是當年EZLN組織運動(以維護土生印第安人權益而起的武裝鬥爭,於1994/1/1 北美自由貿易生效當天發動)的起源地 ! 加上本身觀光資源豐富,又近瓜地馬拉,逐漸成為眾多背包客及嬉皮聚集之處,光從Hotel的數量及競爭,就可見一班!
         觀光客多了,自然賣紀念品的小販也跟著多了,不過這裡多的是當地原住民拿著自己手工作的編織品如衣服、手環等出來,外加背個小孩沿街叫賣! 景像看來頗令人同情!所以,大家有機會到這的話,就多花點銀兩買點東西走吧! ( 只是你一不留神,可能會被4-5個小販給包圍)
         小茂茂人文關懷---> 旅行過的地方多了,一直覺得很納悶的是往往在觀光資源越豐富的地方,貧富差距就顯得越大! 而貧窮的一方,多是當地原住民,這現象幾乎全世界都一樣 ! 到底是原住民權益被剝削 ( 我不是指砍價啊! 雖然我常幹這事情) ? 當地政府做得不夠? 抑或是民族性使然 ?  
         沒做太多功課就來到這裡,所以除了市區逛逛,就只去坐船看峽灣 ! 相較起長江三峽、挪威峽灣的行程,這裡看峽灣的方式,更貼近水面,更刺激,生態也更豐富,值得推薦!!  
        San Cristobal de las casas, is the cultural capital of Chipas state of Mexico and the origin of EZLN organization ( A fight for indigenous indian's interest , launched on the day when NAFTA came into effect ) .  It also has abundant tourism resource and close to Guatemala . It gradually becomes a place where backpackers and Hippy flock to. You can know that from so competitive hostel market .
        As tourists flock , the number of souvenir venders is growing ! Most of them are indigenous people selling their own handcrafts such as clothes , wristlace ,scarf..., they often come with a baby on their back , looking very sympathetic....  So , if you come here , pls buy some...to give them some help.
         I traveled over many places . What puzzled me all the time is the gap between rich and poor is much bigger at the place with more abundant tourism resource. And the poor side are usually the indigenous people . It occurs almost all over the world .it is because indigenous people 's interest has been exploited ( I don't mean " slashing price" , which is what I did often ) or local government did less or nationality ?  I don't know !
        Again ! I came here without much study ! So , I just went on a canyon tour ! This tour is highly recommended , compared to  Norway and China 's long river . This tour is much more exciting and come with more abundant wildlife !

When out of bus station , you will see many backpackers and hotels .

小販看到觀光客!  大概就和鯊魚看到血一樣......
Venders spot tourists ,,just as Shark get blood.....

色彩斑斕的編織品是一大特色! 似乎多數原住民都以色彩鮮豔為主打!
Colorful handcraft is particular ! It seems that many indigenous people take colorful as their main theme . 

Even kids go out for vendoring along the street in order to make both ends meet.
這類景象,在街頭隨時可見!  也令人同情!  
Sympathetic scene !         

這裡也是嬉皮客的聚集地!  不過,老實說,我不太喜歡嬉皮 .. 好像不把自己搞得髒髒的,抽點大麻就不算是嬉皮!  有些嬉皮客卻實有很強手工藝或才能,只是也常看到一些流浪,無所事事跟路人要錢的傢伙
Hippy style ! but , to be honest , I don't like hippy so much ! They seem to often make themselves look dirty  and have some weed ! but , undoubtedly ,some of them have great ability  , but some of them just wander and ask for money.....

廣場有個巨大的聖誕樹!  很怪的是旁邊有個聖誕老公公,像賊一樣的趴在屋頂上....
A huge chrismas tree at Zocalo !  but , The Santa who couches at the roof looks like a thief...
Spanish Colonial architecture.

In Celebration of December !
建醮嘛! 總是喜氣洋洋的!  只是還找個人假扮成聖母! 這倒很有趣!
It is interesting ! A little girl act as the Holy mother .

峽灣行程!    Canyon Tour ~

乘坐快艇! 很貼近水面,頗有速度感! 
Taking a speedy boat ! 

You can see how great the canyon is .

沿途水鳥生態相當豐富!! 還有................
Abundant wildlife , including.......

還有.... 鱷魚!!  這兩隻鱷魚應該有超過兩公尺長! 我頓時覺得... 我們穿救生衣幹嗎呢?  是讓我們看起來比較不好吃嗎??
P.S. 從他張嘴的方向看來,他是Crocodile  , 不是 Locoste !
Including Crocodiles !! These two might be over 2 meter in length .  It suddenly occurred to me that why give us life jacket ?  we need a crocodile net !!
Judging from its direction ,  it is Crocodile , not Locoste  !
最後來到個紀念碑,但導遊全講西班牙文,我基本上不太知道這是幹嗎的! 但看起來有點像中國的"為人民服務"之類的紀念碑!
At the end , we came to a memorial . But I don't know what it is since tour guide just speak Spanish !

待續! To Be Continued....